The Mission

To find locally sourced hardwoods that are both enviromentally friendly and afforable. And thust the journey began, i purchased woodmizer in 2008. I was hooked from the very first cut, it was something primal turning a tree into a  log, and then that log into a board. In soul of a tree goerge nakashima described the sawyer, " one of the great craftsmen of our age with steady nerves and experienced judgment, cutting logs entails great responsibility for we are dealing with fallen majesty. There are no formulas, no guidelines, but only experience, instinct and a contact with the divine".searching for logs while perfecting my skills as a sawyer,gaining knowledge of the wood and designing and building furniture has been a long and winding road.a road of sawdust and sweat and whole lot of love for the trees

Our Story

We provide a local, sustainable source for high-quality hardwood with the lowest carbon footprint possible, period.


My Story

Joe Konopka

I have always sought refuge amongst the trees. Even as a child I was drawn to the woods seeking a sense of connection with the natural world that man's world never offered me. As a young man I planted trees and enjoyed the hard work and lifestyle that was not unlike a band of traveling gypsies. After planting more than a million trees in 7 states, I began my career as a residential carpenter and later a contractor. In 2008, I began milling logs reclaimed fromRichmond's Urban Forest with a notion of one day making my own custom furniture. So, as a child, a tree planter, carpenter, sawyer and a furniture maker and designer the trees have always been there for me. Urban Forest Hardwoods is my small way of giving back to the trees that have given me so much.

It' a beautiful thing to see, what lies beneath the bark of a tree.

50" dia maple reclaimed from mechanicsville

50" dia maple reclaimed from mechanicsville